Thong Bikini

Many women might love the look of a thong bikini but think that it simply reveals too much to be worn out in public. Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception and thong bikinis can actually provide much more coverage than some string bikinis. Thong bikinis usually only refer to bikinis that have little coverage in the back. But they also generally have a lot of coverage in the front, meaning that you don’t have to bare it all in order to get a look that you love.

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2.pc Trimmed Mesh Bikini & Thong O/s

Thong bikinis are a wonderful way for women to reveal just how sexy they look and feel! While you can get thong bikinis that have almost no back to them, many cover half of the rear. So you’ll still get the look you want without being uncomfortable in your own skin. Tanga thong bikinis for instance have a very full front and wide sides. This allows you to still show some skin but will still leave you feeling as though you’re completely covered! And there are also options for women who are extremely comfortable with their own bodies.

For those who want to ‘dare to be bare’, a G-string thong bikini might be just the thing that lets you be who you are! These bikinis are truly teeny, weeny. They’ll not only have a thong bottom that provides very, very little coverage, but the tops that accompany them are generally just as small. And of course, don’t forget about mixing and matching! This is a great way to get the bottom you want but still keep covered with the top. A great solution for when you can’t find exactly what you want in the same set!

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